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Why we exist, our purpose: To boost the capability of the organizations to create and deliver products that have a clear positive impact on the lives of many people. We see a world that will be complemented by intelligent systems. People’s everyday lives will become thoroughly mixed and blended with technology. There will be a fundamental change in how we work, do business and spend our free time. Many organizations spend a lot of resources to build products and services that either offer little or no value to people or even do them harm. Some organizations refrain entirely from doing things in new digital ways due to ignorance or fear of failure. What we do: Proekspert helps organizations discover and build digital businesses, services, and products. Proekspert is a technology expert and product development partner to its customers. Field: IT professional services – Software development, design, and data intelligence. Services: New business discovery, service design, graphical design, digital product creation, data science, business intelligence, and cybersecurity. Main areas of expertise: IoT & Industry 4.0, Customer Self-service and Self-Care, Payments & Banking, Intelligent automation. Main verticals: Electronics, Manufacturing, Industrial automation, Biotech, Telco, Fintech Our strengths: · track record of 1000+ successfully delivered projects; · many ongoing long term (10+ years) relationships with customers (e.g. Telia Company, Danfoss Group, Microsoft); · we deliver value fast (fast time to market); · we (can) take full responsibility for the solution development. · easy to cooperate (transparent, no bureaucracy, direct, open, honest, reachable, responsive); · fully employee owned company (26 active employee shareholders); High engagement and drive for success; · experienced in working with multi-nationals and SMEs; · experienced in being outsourcing partner/unit (we were part of Danfoss Group for a decade; served as a software development unit. Did an MBO in 2015); · one-stop shop for digital transformation and solutions development. Our customers can focus on their business and we take care of the development activities (including managing all other partners); · we build awareness and capability to customer organizations by sharing our knowledge and experience in our expertise areas; Revenue: 13mEUR (avg 60-70% export) Main markets: Finland, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Estonia. Experienced in working with companies from all over the world. People: 215 Established: 1993

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