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OÜ E-Agronom eAgronom brings a unique combination of services to grain farmers – Carbon program, AI-powered consulting service, and Farm Management Software enable farmers to build sustainable businesses and preserve nature.

Plug-in carbon program scaled by dealers
Opportunity for farmers to earn extra income by adopting regenerative practices. Looking for dealers with a regional farmer network to bring this opportunity to local farmers.

eAgronom has agreements with several big corporations to offset their carbon footprint by buying carbon credits. Farmers can create credits via eAgronom carbon program by reducing tilling, growing cover crops, or adopting other carbon-sequestering practices. Farmers have the opportunity to fix carbon prices, pre-sell credits or hold.

Agriculture, Clean-tech, Finance, Fintech, Food Industry, Organic, Startup Prantsusmaa, Rumeenia, Rootsi, Saksamaa, Nigeeria Array
Advanced Sports Installations Europe Synthetic turf handling company that provides all services to build, renovate and recycle. Our uniqueness is ability to remove, sort and clean all components with mobile machinery to have waste free circularity for materials and lowest carbon footprint as materials are not transported but recycling happens on site or at closest recycling center. Also, offering financing instrument, our 5G rental concept allows sports clubs and local authorities to build sports fields similarly to leasing cars. We are looking for new partners to distribute services but as well as investors to invest in a new leasing service with a high growth potential, into project where clients have solid and long cash flow. Agriculture, Construction, Finance, Plastics industry, Smart City, Startup Norra, Saksamaa, Madalmaad, Belgia, Prantsusmaa, Austria, Bulgaaria, Hispaania, Horvaatia, Iirimaa, Itaalia, Kreeka, Küpros, Leedu, Luksemburg, Läti, Malta, Poola, Portugal, Rootsi, Rumeenia, Slovakkia, Sloveenia, Soome, Taani, Tšehhi Vabariik, Ungari, Suurbritannia Array
Levira AS   IT, Other, Telecommunications Saksamaa, Portugal, Rumeenia, Sloveenia, Hispaania, Rootsi, Madalmaad, Suurbritannia  
GoSwift The GoSwift Queue Management Service is committed to facilitate international trade by using virtual queuing of vehicles at land border crossings. GoSwift operates in 4 countries – Finland, Russia, Lithuania and Estonia, at 9 border crossing points, using a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. Several other countries have showed their interest to the border queue service. GoSwift service allows vehicles to pre-book time slots for crossing the borders via the web, a call centre and self-service terminals at designated waiting areas. In 2013, GoSwift was nominated as one of the best e-services in the world, by World Summit Award, contest to select and promote of best practices in digital innovation with local relevance, content depth and user value from all UN member states. In 2015, GoSwift won the OECD’s International Transport Forum “Transport Achievement Award” for its outstanding results in solving border crossing transport issues resulting in growth of tourism and trade. e-governance, IT, Logistics Botswana, Bulgaaria, Soome, Saksamaa, Ungari, Indoneesia, Iirimaa, Jaapan, Kasahstan, Keenia, Läti, Leedu, Malaisia, Moldova, Mosambiik, Namiibia, Filipiinid, Rumeenia, Venemaa Föderatsioon, Saudi Araabia, Singapur, Slovakkia, Lõuna-Aafrika Vabariik, Tai, Türgi, Ukraina, Araabia Ühendemiraadid, Suurbritannia, Vietnam, Sambia Array
Advokaadibüroo Hedman Partners Hedman Partners, established in Tallinn in 1993, is a law firm offering its expertise across the spectrum of corporate legal services. The wealth of experience gathered over the span of two decades is coupled with the energetic and innovative approach of the law firm’s youthful staff – this allows Hedman Partners to assert confidence in its professional practices, while also being open to unique and novel solutions for achieving the desired objectives. The law firm serves its clients in Estonia, Finland , Latvia and Lithuania, while also extending the network across the whole Europe through its affiliation with international legal alliances. Years of working closely with international clients has given the team at Hedman Partners the skill to help foreign enterprises understand the local legal environment better, drawing from a deeper understanding of both Baltic and Scandinavian legal systems. Hedman Partners believes in availability – all our clients are treated equally, regardless of the size or scope of the project and our attorneys are always accessible for every client. Availability is also the cornerstone of the law firm’s billing principles. 25 years of experience places Hedman Partners in a position, where tasks can be foreseen more clearly and accurate estimates can be devised ahead of engagement. Hedman Partners values the human interaction between its attorneys, the clients and the public at large, with a strong emphasis on the team’s strong social skills. The Hedman Partners team frequently engage in sharing their wealth of knowledge with others through a number of expert publications, seminars and lectures on various academic levels. Other Bulgaaria, Moldova, Poola, Rumeenia, Slovakkia, Tšehhi Vabariik, Ukraina, Ungari, Valgevene, Venemaa Föderatsioon Array
DefSecIntel Solutions OÜ   All, Defence industry, Gov-tech, IT, Smart City Albaania, Saksamaa, Jaapan, Rumeenia, Saudi Araabia, Araabia Ühendemiraadid  
Prefabsteel OÜ   Construction, e-Commerce, Finance, Machinery, Wood Industry, House production, Metal Industry Bahrein, Elevandiluurannik, Iraan, Rumeenia, Ukraina