Title Description Web Sector
Proud Engineers Proud Engineers is an Estonian private company gathering the people who have shaped the Estonian digital transformation. We help governments and large corporations solve complicated transformation challenges to build inspiring digital futures. The team has international experience working with governments in countries at different levels of development on all aspects of ICT and digital development. https://proudengineers.com IT, Telecommunications, Startup, Healthcare and medicine, Smart City
Investoriteliit.Pre.Ipo.Capital AS We are a small investment company in Europe, more specifically in Estonia. We focus on investment in start-up and growth companies, and our aim is to list these companies on the Baltic Stock Exchange. Our objective is to establish a small risk capital fund with a volume of 100 million euros. The objective of the fund would be investment in the growth companies of the European Union and list these companies at first. We plan to grow, through the fund. https://www.investoriteliit.ee/ Finance
MTU AML Partners Financical consulting, investments, e-commerce, digital bank and crypto investments   Startup, Finance, e-Commerce, Fintech
Saaresalu OÜ Consultancy, professional services   Telecommunications, Startup, Logistics, Finance, Smart City, e-Commerce, Marine, Organic, Fintech, All
Unicount OÜ     IT, Startup, e-Commerce, Fintech
The Negotiating Man OÜ Negotiation trainings http:// All
Minufirma OÜ We offer business services, make the business process easier and optimize expenses for local and foreign businessmen. http:// Startup, Finance, e-Commerce