Title Description Sector
Digilogistics Center of Excellence of Estonia   Agri-tech, Artificial intelligence, CleanTech, Deep-tech, Defence industry, e-governance, Finance, Gov-tech, IT, Logistics, Smart Mobility, Startup, Sustainability
Triumf Health (Triumf Research OÜ) Triumf Health has developed an evidence-based digital therapeutics platform for children to deliver personalized psychological support through a game environment. They have started from chronic illnesses and the mental burden related to disease management but have significantly expanded the platform in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the mobile platform is also supporting children without health issues who are experiencing environmental stress (currently due to the war burden). Deep-tech, Ed-tech, Health-tech, Healthcare and medicine, IT, Startup
Digilogistika Keskus OÜ Digilogistika Keskus (Digital Logistics Centre of Excellence) is a knowledge and competence hub for paperless supply chains and service provider for interoperability solutions for multimodal transport and cross-border document exchange. e-governance, Logistics
Waybiller OÜ In cooperation with the Estonian Road Administration and the Association of Car Companies, we have developed the e-cargo page software Waybiller (https://waybiller.com), which is used by major Estonian road builders (eg Nordecon, YIT, TREV-2, etc.), wood chip carriers (eg PK Oliver), grain carriers (eg KEVILI, Baltic Agro) and producers of construction materials (eg Eesti Killustik and immediately also Kunda Nordic). Waybiller is used in more than 1,000 cars today. In total, today we have helped to transport more than 2M tons of goods with e-waybills, and this number is constantly increasing every day. We are an IT development company and we are constantly developing Waybiller, creating integrations with port operators (eg PK Terminal, HHLA, Silsteve, etc.), accounting software (Navision integration already exists, Directo, Merit Aktiva and Standard Books interface is also in operation), grain terminals (interfaced are, for example, KEVILI terminals) and weighing systems (eg Scalex). We also have e-CMR support, which allows the e-waybill to be used for cross-border transport, and Waybiller is recognized by the Road Administration for the transport of heavy loads (up to 52 hours). We are a 100% Estonian company, but in addition to Estonia, our target markets are currently Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway and Sweden. We are also actively involved in international cooperation to achieve the recognition of e-CMR / e-waybills throughout the region and to enable paperless freight transport by road. Waybiller has been developed with the needs of both the owner of the goods (the customer of the transport) and the carrier in mind. Agriculture, Construction, Logistics, Smart Mobility, Sustainability, Wood Industry
Migrevention OÜ Migrevention is an Estonian health technology company and Estonia’s first software based medical device manufacturer (since May 2022).
Migrevention is a fully digital headache clinic and we offer digital solutions for patients, specialists and (headache) clinics to monitor (already on the market), diagnose and treat migraine and other primary headaches (pending regulatory approval).
Health-tech, Healthcare and medicine, Startup
Marduk Technologies Marduk Technologies is a technology company, which provides world class CUAS based on AI/ML advanced algorithms.
Shark C-UAS platform is integratable with different sensors and effectors: Radar, RF detector, Jammer, Laser, etc.
Marduk has been awarded Estonian MoD grant, participated in NATO exercises and used in NATO airbase.
Company is actively participating in various European Defence R&D programs.
Artificial intelligence, Deep-tech, Defence industry, Electronics, Space-tech, Startup
BLRT Grupp AS BLRT Grupp AS is one of the largest multinational industrial holdings in the Baltics. This is private company, based solely on the Estonian capital. We operate in 7 countries and employ about 4,000 people in total; in addition, we provide with jobs over a thousand subcontractors. More than 50 companies and joint ventures are active under umbrella of the BLRT Grupp. Each subsidiary is trusted partner in their field – whether it is shipbuilding or ship repair, manufacturing of steel structures, metal processing, mechanical engineering, production of industrial and medical gases, transport or port services, real estate development etc (see details here https://blrt.ee/en/activities/). This year the corporation is celebrating its 110th anniversary. Construction, Defence industry, Logistics, Machinery, Marine, Metal Industry, Other, Ship building
KappaZeta Ltd We are a science-driven radar remote sensing company and our goal is to make space a valuable asset for everyone! There is an enormous and growing amount of remotely sensed data out there, much of which is largely unutilized. Why? Mostly due to the burden of accessibility, data processing and feature extraction.

Seeking to improve the situation, we are offering ready-to-use high quality Sentinel-1 analyses ready data timeseries and change detection services. Sentinel-1 data is the only freely available radar data source which enables global monitoring at parcel scale with a revisit rate of between 3 to 12 days. We are among the very few in the world with the expertise to meaningfully utilize this data using our unique processing chain for radar interferometry. In comparison, optical satellites do not provide as regular and as timely data feed globally as radar satellites due to cloud interference and and variable illumination conditions.

The key area we focus on is agriculture. With the growing global population there is increasing pressure to produce more food every year, but land suitable for agriculture is at the same time decreasing. We believe that with timely information extracted from satellite data, farmers and also insurance sector can make better decisions, earn more profit and ultimately grow better food. In terms of continuous monitoring of large areas on a weekly basis, satellites are by far the best data source.

Continuously measured and calculated parameters, together with machine learning algorithms, enable us to solve different monitoring use-cases for numerous industries. Our cutting-edge technology converts raw data from the Sentinel-1 radar satellite into time series of features valuable for machine learning, used in both scientific and industrial applications. We are literally Making Space for Your Breakthroughs.

Agriculture, Artificial intelligence, Deep-tech, Defence industry, Gov-tech, IT, Smart City, Space-tech, Startup
Monday Morning Monday Morning is a tiny Tallinn based artist management company focusing on all aspects of artists careers. Creative industries
Defensphere OÜ Defensphere is an Estonian defence tech company developing the Vegvisir Mixed Reality Situational Awareness System (XRSAS) that provides personnel of an armoured vehicle with a better understanding of immediate surroundings and also the areas of interest further away. The Vegvisir system creates a 360 degrees visual dome around the vehicle and enables multi-user, simultaneous, live Mixed Reality feed with very low latency which basically allows the crew to see through the walls of the vehicle. The full Vegvisir system enables the fusion and visualisation of battlefield data in a single platform.
See more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltfzAen1Ngw
Defence industry
Skeleton Technologies Skeleton Technologies is the global technology leader in supercapacitor energy storage in automotive, transportation, grid and industrial applications.
For us, developing and producing the best supercapacitor cells, modules, and systems in the world is means to an end: helping companies to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy.
We work with some of the largest companies in the world – from leading Tier One automotive firms and industrial equipment OEMs to truck fleet operators and aerospace prime contractors – to decrease CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, to improve power quality and to protect equipment and infrastructure by lowering the power fluctuation, and to power electrification to fight climate change.
Our supercapacitors, based on patented “curved graphene”, represent the biggest technological advancement in the industry in the last 20 years and the use of this innovative material provides our products with an unparalleled advantage in power and energy density.
Skeleton Technologies Group has three main locations: its manufacturing in Großröhrsdorf, Saxony, Germany, materials development in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Saxony-Anhalt and electrical engineering in Tallinn, Estonia.
Flowbase OÜ Flowbase automatically interprets video to make manufacturing companies more effective. We do this by providing computer vision tools to extract data at cloud’s edge easily, privately and cost effectively. The problem is that manufacturing specialists are spending up to 80% of their time on watching videos or standing next to production lines to see how efficiently and safely lines are operating. The solution is to use computer vision technology to automate the analyses process. Gather data and allow the specialist to test several hypotheses in minutes. This allows the specialist to spend 80% of time on fixing and updating processes in the establishment. Artificial intelligence, Construction, Deep-tech, Drinks Industry, Food Industry, Furniture, IT, Logistics, Machinery, Metal Industry, Plastics industry, Smart City, Startup, Wood Industry
Holm Bank AS Holm Bank is an Estonian capital based bank providing loans and installment plans for already more than 25 years.
Security, Transparency, Personal and Innovation is Holm bank DNA in order to provide the very best to our customers. Holm Bank has developed a state-of-the-art user friendly mobile application to securely apply for the consumer loans or digital credit card.
Today, we are present in Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Austria and Germany.
Finance, Fintech
SolarStone OÜ Solarstone arendab ja toodab päikeseenergia tehnoloogiaid jätkusuutlikuks ning keskkonnasäästlikuks ehitamiseks ning tarbmiseks.
Solarstone arendab lisaks digitehnoloogiaid, lihtsustamaks oluliselt rohetehnoloogiate kasutamise planeerimist.

Ettevõtte pakub täna turule erinevaid ehitisintegreeritavaid päikesepaneelide lahendis, peagi lisaks erinevaid muid lahendusi. Samuti siseneb ettevõte peagi päikesepalahenduste finantseerimise turule, hakates pakkuma katuse vahetamise võimalust nii era- kui KÜ klientidele 0 omafinantseeringuga.

Construction, Smart City
Peenjoogivabrik Nudist OÜ Nudist is a new-age winery that does not dig traditions and despises prejudice. Instead, we celebrate diversity and healthy hedonism along with a few wicked sins.

Our mission is to start and lead a new era of sparkling fruit wines. Our wines follow basic ethics of only using natural and unprocessed raw materials, skimping with sugar and staying away from concentrates and additives. Just fruits fermented.

We focus on making young and sparkling fruit, berry or even vegetable wines and do our best to bring the fruit forward while keeping the wine dry. Well balanced, slightly lighter than conventional sparkling wines, (too) easy to drink and last but not least – natural and beautiful inside out.

Our current biggest export market is Finland where we are currently selling directly to ALKO physical stores all over Finland and just started a distribution co-operation with Hartwall. We are also exporting to Denmark and launching Baltic States soon.

Drinks Industry, Food Industry, Other
Solarstone OÜ Solarstone arendab ja toodab 2in1 päikesekatuseid, mis on üheaegselt nii vastupidav katusematerjal kui ka lokaalset elektrit tootev lahendus. Tooted sobivad kõigi suuremate katusematerjalitootjatega (BMI, Monier, Toode jne). Täna on portfellis 3 eri toodet ning valmimas on lahendus fassaadile. Construction, House production, Smart City, Startup
Superhands OÜ Superhands develops and produces innovative, extremely low power consumption and small sensing solutions for agriculture, road maintenance and smart cities.
We control everything from electronics design to server solutions to mobile application for end users.
Agriculture, Artificial intelligence, Construction, Electronics, Health-tech, IT, Smart City, Startup, Telecommunications
Fiizy Fiizy is a global lending marketplace with a mission to help the underbanked and overcharged customers. We offer our customers personalised recommendations for loans, while reducing marketing inefficiency for our network of 200+ lenders and banks. Operating under two main consumer brands, Finzmo and Solcredito, we have over 4.5 million registered users and are present in 6 countries, incl. Spain, Poland, Mexico, USA, Argentina and Peru. All, Finance, Fintech, IT, Startup
Bullet Express OÜ Bullet Express & Logistics provides global courier, project and tailor-made special transport solutions. Our focus is time guaranteed shipping, project cargo handling and providing efficient logistics supply chain in all business areas. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – our services include air, road and sea freight solutions. Logistics
Berg perform oü Transport and online sales Agriculture, Electronics, Finance, Fintech, Food Industry, Logistics, Organic
Rhino Investeeringud Investments and banking e-Commerce, Ed-tech, Electronics, Finance, Fintech, Furniture, Gov-tech, Healthcare and medicine, IT, Logistics, Machinery, Other, Plastics industry, Space-tech, Telecommunications, Wood Industry, Food Industry
Nestor Cables Baltics OÜ   Electronics, Machinery, Other, Plastics industry, Smart City, Telecommunications
Bidrento Bidrento is an automated property management software for Landlords, Property Managers and Letting Agents. Bidrento automates manual and repetitive tasks in tenancy and rental property management. As a result, our customers save up to 75% of their time spent on usual tasks and are able to manage 4xbigger rental property portfolios. More information could be found here: https://bidrento.com/ Artificial intelligence, Construction, Deep-tech, e-Commerce, e-governance, Finance, Fintech, Gov-tech, House production, IT, Other, Smart City, Startup, Telecommunications
Proud Engineers Proud Engineers is an Estonian private company gathering the people who have shaped the Estonian digital transformation. We help governments and large corporations solve complicated transformation challenges to build inspiring digital futures. The team has international experience working with governments in countries at different levels of development on all aspects of ICT and digital development. Healthcare and medicine, IT, Smart City, Startup, Telecommunications
MOTOR / Produktsioonigrupp OÜ Established in 2000, Motor offers visual communication solutions. We specialize in comprehensive exhibition design solutions for museums, animation and multimedia production, special effects creation and production for film and video as well as print design. At Motor, we have created projects of national as well as international significance. Our key international projects include the EXPO Milan in 2015, the EXPO Hannover in 2000 and consultancy services to the Finnish Museum of Technology. Other
Avokaado.com OÜ Contract automation platform for law firms and enterprises. Startup
Pizzakiosk Oü Estonian Franchise Chain “PIZZAKIOSK” with 28 outlets in Estonia and looking for a master franchise partner in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Poland. Food Industry
Estonian Malt OÜ Estonian Malt is a leading malt producer in Baltic countries. The company has more than 23 years of experience supplying the biggest bread bakeries in the Baltic countries and many other EU bakeries. Today they are amongst the leaders in the industry and the company continues developing. Food Industry, Organic
Group EcoBox OÜ producer of Recycled and biodegradable products for pet market. Electronics, Healthcare and medicine, Other, Startup
Advokaadibüroo Hedman Partners Hedman Partners, established in Tallinn in 1993, is a law firm offering its expertise across the spectrum of corporate legal services. The wealth of experience gathered over the span of two decades is coupled with the energetic and innovative approach of the law firm’s youthful staff – this allows Hedman Partners to assert confidence in its professional practices, while also being open to unique and novel solutions for achieving the desired objectives. The law firm serves its clients in Estonia, Finland , Latvia and Lithuania, while also extending the network across the whole Europe through its affiliation with international legal alliances. Years of working closely with international clients has given the team at Hedman Partners the skill to help foreign enterprises understand the local legal environment better, drawing from a deeper understanding of both Baltic and Scandinavian legal systems. Hedman Partners believes in availability – all our clients are treated equally, regardless of the size or scope of the project and our attorneys are always accessible for every client. Availability is also the cornerstone of the law firm’s billing principles. 25 years of experience places Hedman Partners in a position, where tasks can be foreseen more clearly and accurate estimates can be devised ahead of engagement. Hedman Partners values the human interaction between its attorneys, the clients and the public at large, with a strong emphasis on the team’s strong social skills. The Hedman Partners team frequently engage in sharing their wealth of knowledge with others through a number of expert publications, seminars and lectures on various academic levels. Other
Ridango Ridango is a solution provider for public transport, with a focus on automated fare collection (AFC) and real-time passenger information (RTPI) systems. Established in 2009 in Estonia, Ridango is one of the most proven account-based ticketing (ABT) and contactless payment (cEMV) providers globally. Ridango has executed numerous projects in Nordic countries and the CEE region with public transport authorities and operators of various sizes. IT, Smart City
Biofire OÜ Biofire is the first Baltic company who is specialized to produce and develop innovative fire gel masses. Our product line includes a wide range of fire lighting gels for ordinary users (BBQ, ovens, fireplaces), chafing fuels and specialized gels for hiking. We produce special gels and solutions for military area! Biotech, Defence industry, Food Industry, Organic, Plastics industry, Startup
Filmitegija OÜ We are making tv shows. All, IT, Other
Indoor.ninja OÜ Innovative secure mobile access services in smart city and proptech business verticals. We got very positive feedback from Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress 2018, where we participated within the EAS booth. Strong interest to our solution was from Arab Emirates. Construction, IT, Smart City