Title Description Sector
Singleton Group OÜ Singleton is an Estonian based digital product development agency building cutting-edge web applications & native apps. Focusing on online platforms from industries like fintech, smart mobility and HR, we have helped to roll out many new products in Europe & Asia. Singleton is following a simple narrative: software is about making machines work for humans. Our culture values learning each and every step. We are not afraid to challenge ourselves which often requires going an extra mile. We don’t just write quality code, we also make sure our partners have their product development done right – we help to shape the idea to a scalable product. Some of our success stories include companies like Bayer, Elisa, Telia, Navirec, Ridango and many others. IT, Smart City, Fintech
Tritech OÜ We are mechanical engineering and manufacturing company. We invent and build custom machinery, devices and details for various industries. Our machines can ease production processes as we generate solutions up to special needs. We have done for example: grabber arms for robots, automated assembly machines, cable prefeeder. Machinery and metal industry
Estonian Malt OÜ Estonian Malt is a leading malt producer in Baltic countries. The company has more than 23 years of experience supplying the biggest bread bakeries in the Baltic countries and many other EU bakeries. Today they are amongst the leaders in the industry and the company continues developing. Food and beverages, Organic
Flowit Estonia   IT
NOPE OÜ Digital design and consultations Other
Soon Collab OÜ Showroom management, design, event management, marketing services. Startup, Smart City, e-Commerce, Furniture, Organic, Other
MindTitan OÜ   IT
Greencube OÜ   Wood and wooden houses
EstateGuru EstateGuru on Mandri-Euroopa suurim online ühisrahastuskeskkond lühiajalistele tagatud kinnisvaralaenudele. Finance, e-Commerce, Fintech
Mittetulundusühing North Star AI North Star AI is a nonprofit with a mission to solve AI talent shortage in the region and introduce in-depth discussions about the advancements in AI technologies. IT
CGI Eesti AS   IT, Telecommunications, Smart City, e-Commerce, Defence industry, Fintech
Mikaels Labs OÜ Mikaels Labs is your full-stack software and product development partner. We’re experts in back-end development, mobile & web development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, user experience & quality assurance. Our team consists of only senior developers! IT
Lahhentagge OÜ Lahhentagge drinks come from the island of Saaremaa – a land where the summers are warm and the winters are dark. Lahhentagge’s Ösel Dry Gin has won a number of international and local awards. Food and beverages
Krabu Grupp OÜ FullStack+ company offering Digital Transformation services along with accompanying services. IT, Telecommunications, Electronics, Logistics, Finance, Healthcare and medicine, Smart City, e-Commerce, Construction, Marine
Biofire OÜ Biofire is the first Baltic company who is specialized to produce and develop innovative fire gel masses. Our product line includes a wide range of fire lighting gels for ordinary users (BBQ, ovens, fireplaces), chafing fuels and specialized gels for hiking. We produce special gels and solutions for military area! Startup, Food and beverages, Plastic industry, Organic, Defence industry, Biotech
Paldiski Sea Hub 2019 / B2B Expert Oü Export consultation, seeking for Scandinavian companies willing to invest and remove their production to Paldiski Other
Nordic Esthetic Group OÜ   Healthcare and medicine
Nord Homes OÜ Prefab timber frame home designer and builder. Wood and wooden houses
Hansa24 Group OÜ   Wood and wooden houses, e-Commerce
AB TEMPT   Wood and wooden houses, Smart City, Construction
Inseneribüroo Pluss.ee Structural design engineering consultancy Wood and wooden houses
AIR Food OÜ Rahvusvaheline toduettevõte. Kaubamärk: Eugenio’s Food and beverages, Organic
Kommunikatsioonibüroo Dalton/Dalton PR Agency   e-Commerce, Furniture