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Guardtime Guardtime is a data security company that has been building blockchain based applications for the governments and enterprises since 2007. Its clients include Lockheed Martin, NEOM, European Space Agency, AstraZeneca, European Central Bank, and the Estonian Government among many others.

Services provided to Guardtime’s customers include (i) data immutability; (ii) systems interoperability; (iii) physical, digital and information supply chain traceability.

The founding team of Guardtime met at the technology incubator in Tokyo and its first financial backers were Japanese companies. The Estonian Government became Guardtime’s first client after the 2007 cyberattack and ever since the data integrity and provenance of the Estonian government registries, systems and processes has been enabled by Guardtime’s technology.

Our largest implementation in the smart city industry is at NEOM (The Line) – the future city in Saudi Arabia that is also the largest construction site in the world. Our task is to enable real-time situational overview of the construction site, track and trace the movements of 50 000 construction vehicles, and provide data analytics on it.

https://guardtime.com/   Jaapan, Saudi Araabia, Araabia Ühendemiraadid, Ameerika Ühendriigid, Keenia Array
Eesti kaubandus-tööstuskoda The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) is the oldest and largest Estonian representative organization of entrepreneurs. The mission of the Chamber is to develop entrepreneurship in Estonia. The ECCI is an active partner to the parliament, government, and ministries in designing the economic policy and climate. Whenever tax policies, corporate law, laws on property and obligations, foreign trade and EU-related issues or professional qualification are discussed, the Chamber speaks actively on the behalf of the Estonian business community.
ECCI provides several business-related services – consultation (legal, foreign trade, EU-related), business match-making (trade missions, trade fair visits, presentations), information services (business contacts, co-operation proposals etc.), training and foreign trade documents.
  2000000 Lõuna-Korea, Jaapan, Vietnam, Singapur, India, Araabia Ühendemiraadid, Keenia Array
Duuabl Works OÜ Duuabl is an early-stage startup from Tallinn. Duuabl, is developing peer 2 peer vertical remodeling construction Marketplace to help residential and commercial property owners find builders and maintain real estate to reduce 20% of the cost and time with CRM platform for skilled professionals and removing middlemen.

Our mission is to create a dream workplace for enterprising people, where social security and support systems come together with a flexible lifestyle, fair pay, commitment, and ownership. To create new entrepreneurial value for the economy by making it easier to start and grow business with digital tool-set for individuals and SME-s.

https://duuabl.com/   Hispaania, Keenia, Portugal, Soome Array
Carotenoid OÜ Prologue: demand for ”natural” and ”healthy” products is growing globally! Despite consumers needs, global markets are flooded with drinks containing refined sugars and/or artificial sweeteners, are enriched with taurine, are full of various artificial colors, flavours and preservatives with complicated names❗️

We took consumers’ expectations into account and developed an innovative BEEBAD Energy Drink which contains natural ingredients that have been consumed by mankind for centuries🌿 The hallmark of the BEEBAD logo is the “Bee” – their wellbeing and health affects the entire existence of the humanity! Our mission is to take care of bees and ensure sustainable beekeeping by contributing to beekeeping communities around the world – thus, for us it is not just „another marketing project“ – we act for the better health of the bees and people🐝

I am convinced that millions of your customers will be grateful when they get trendy, healthy and tasty BEEBAD from your assortment, followed by additional value for your business👍

PS! In addition, we provide comprehensive „Beekeeping Projects“ – goal is to give relevant know-how to Partner, so that they can independently run sustainable beekeeping business. Project includes needed production units (from beehives factory up to beekeeping school and housing complex for workers if needed) that assure the entire supply chain and generate hundreds of workplaces. More importantly – we are happy to buy produced honey and sell it across the globe via our existing sales channels!

Will be happy to hear your feedback and wishes for next steps towards long-lasting partnership…Lets take care of bees and people in cooperation🤝

https://www.beebad.com/ 108000 Jaapan, Lõuna-Korea, Keenia, Lõuna-Aafrika Vabariik, Uganda Array
Sihtasutus Tallinna Teaduspark Tehnopol/ Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol Connected Health is an ecosystem founded by the Science Park Tehnopol. It is a country-wide partnership between health-related stakeholders in Estonia, who are committed to accelerating the adoption of connected health solutions, on an international scale and on commercial terms.
The cluster brings together 80+ partners, including 45 companies (start-ups, health IT, med-tech, biotech, and pharma), R&D partners (universities and technology competence centres), health and wellness service providers (hospitals, GPs, occupational health, spas, fitness and sports), patient organisations and user communities, and public sector (ministries responsible for healthcare and entrepreneurship, national health insurance, and the national health development agency).
We aim to boost innovation in Estonia’s health and care sector and support companies in export activities (establishing contacts for the ecosystem members, introducing Estonian companies to foreign markets, and matchmaking with different stakeholders).
https://connectedhealth.ee/contact/   Rootsi, Araabia Ühendemiraadid, Suurbritannia, Saksamaa, Keenia Array
Timbeter Timbeter is a digital solution for sustainable forest management that is making the sector efficient, transparent and traceable. Timbeter increases safety of employees, maximizes the value of each log, helps to optimize logistics and guarantees fair trade transactions. Also, it helps to monitor and control the timber supply chain, supporting governments and law enforcement agencies to prevent illegal logging and keep better oversight on the volumes harvested.
Timbeter enables quick and accurate timber measurement and data management using artificial intelligence. The program can count the number of logs, as well measure the diameters of the logs, volume and the pile density ratios for pulp-and fuelwood. All the measurements have a geotag, therefore the origin of the timber is always known, meaning that illegal logging can be prevented. The timber measurement is done digitally with the help of a smart-device (tablet, smartphone) and all the measurement data is stored in a cloud, providing real-time overview of the activities. Timbeter helps forestry industry to save time and costs, making processes more objective and transparent and enabling better control.
Solution is accessible and affordable to everyone in the forest sector – from the small private forest owner to the manufacturer. No specific hardware investments is needed – only requirement is to have a mobile phone or tablet with 8 Mp camera. User simply needs to download the solution and make the picture of the pile or a truck and instantly get the results.
Company has customers from 37 countries and users from 176 countires. Company is collaborating with the largest international corporations like CMPC (Chile), Suzano (Brazil), Faber-Castell (Brazil), Weyerhaeuser (USA), Mekong Timber Plantations (Laos), Stora-Enso (Laos and RU), Itochu (JPN) and many others in the sector.
Digitalizing the forestry sector is critical for ensuring sustainability and fair trade. Monitoring, control and optimization of processes save time and resources. A sustainable forestry management is also one the key elements in the mitigation of the climate change.
  190 Rumeenia, Brasiilia, Keenia, Tansaania, Ameerika Ühendriigid Array
eKool AS       Botswana, Elevandiluurannik, Ghana, Jaapan, Keenia, Rwanda  
Bolt Technology OÜ       Keenia, Nigeeria, Lõuna-Aafrika Vabariik, Tansaania, Uganda  
B.est Solutions Estonia OÜ   http://bestsolutions.ee/   Indoneesia, Jordaania, Kasahstan, Keenia, Liibanon, Malaisia, Rwanda, Usbekistan  
ZIRCON Group OÜ Toolmaking Plastic industry http://   Keenia, Uganda  
GoSwift The GoSwift Queue Management Service is committed to facilitate international trade by using virtual queuing of vehicles at land border crossings. GoSwift operates in 3 countries – Ukraine, Lithuania and Estonia, at 9 border crossing points, using a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. Several other countries have showed their interest to the border queue service. GoSwift service allows vehicles to pre-book time slots for crossing the borders via the web, a call centre and self-service terminals at designated waiting areas. In 2013, GoSwift was nominated as one of the best e-services in the world, by World Summit Award, contest to select and promote of best practices in digital innovation with local relevance, content depth and user value from all UN member states. In 2015, GoSwift won the OECD’s International Transport Forum “Transport Achievement Award” for its outstanding results in solving border crossing transport issues resulting in growth of tourism and trade. http://www.goswift.eu   Araabia Ühendemiraadid, Botswana, Bulgaaria, Filipiinid, Iirimaa, Indoneesia, Jaapan, Kasahstan, Keenia, Läti, Leedu, Lõuna-Aafrika Vabariik, Malaisia, Moldova, Mosambiik, Namiibia, Rumeenia, Saksamaa, Sambia, Saudi Araabia, Singapur, Slovakkia, Soome, Suurbritannia, Tai, Türgi, Ukraina, Ungari, Vietnam Array
Admiral Markets AS Admiral Markets is a global company whose regulated subsidiaries – one of which is listed on the Nasdaq Baltic Exchange – offers web-based trading services in the over-the-counter market as well as listed instruments incl. stocks, indices, precious metals and energies. Since its foundation in 2001, Admiral Markets has continually expanded its reach and today has a staff of over 200, located in 16 offices worldwide, making it a truly global organization. https://admiralmarketsgroup.com/   Indoneesia, Jaapan, Jordaania, Keenia, Liibanon, Uganda, Ameerika Ühendriigid, Vietnam  
Filmitegija OÜ We are making tv shows. http://   Kanada, Jaapan, Keenia, Poola, Venemaa Föderatsioon