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Electrotech SMT OÜ Electrotech SMT OÜ is an experienced supplier of pre-owned and refurbished electronics manufacturing equipment with its headquarter in Tallinn, Estonia.
Our team specializes in Surface Mount Technology Assembly Equipment, Printed Circuit Boards Assembly and related Test equipment.

Our value proposal to our customers is to deliver the optimal technical solutions for their manufacturing needs based on mutually defined requirements, while keeping costs modest and the impact on environment low.

Our services include purchasing & sourcing of pre-owned equipment, selling customers excess & idle machines, advising on trade-in deals and supporting with existing equipment appraisals. We can also support with field-service requests and training of various types of equipment via our partner network.

Through our services and deployment of quality pre-owned equipment our Customers can expect to see significant cost benefits and reduced burden on our environment compared to purchasing and installing new machines.

hello@electrotech.ee Agri-tech, Biotech, CleanTech, Deep-tech, Defence industry, Electronics, GreenTech, Health-tech, Healthcare and medicine, Machinery, Smart City, Smart Mobility, Space-tech, Telecommunications Vietnam, Rootsi, Saksamaa, Rumeenia, Slovakkia, Hiina, Soome
Eesti kaubandus-tööstuskoda The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) is the oldest and largest Estonian representative organization of entrepreneurs. The mission of the Chamber is to develop entrepreneurship in Estonia. The ECCI is an active partner to the parliament, government, and ministries in designing the economic policy and climate. Whenever tax policies, corporate law, laws on property and obligations, foreign trade and EU-related issues or professional qualification are discussed, the Chamber speaks actively on the behalf of the Estonian business community.
ECCI provides several business-related services – consultation (legal, foreign trade, EU-related), business match-making (trade missions, trade fair visits, presentations), information services (business contacts, co-operation proposals etc.), training and foreign trade documents.
merit@koda.ee Agri-tech, Agriculture, All, Artificial intelligence, Biotech, CleanTech, Construction, Cosmetics, Creative industries, Cyber security, Deep-tech, Defence industry, Drinks Industry, e-Commerce, e-governance, Ed-tech, Electronics, Finance, Fintech, Food Industry, Furniture, Gov-tech, GreenTech, Health-tech, Healthcare and medicine, House production, IT, Logistics, Machinery, Marine, Metal Industry, Organic, Other, Plastics industry, Ship building, Smart City, Smart Mobility, Space-tech, Startup, Sustainability, Telecommunications, Wood Industry Lõuna-Korea, Jaapan, Vietnam, Singapur, India, Araabia Ühendemiraadid, Keenia
Carotenoid OÜ Prologue: demand for ”natural” and ”healthy” products is growing globally! Despite consumers needs, global markets are flooded with drinks containing refined sugars and/or artificial sweeteners, are enriched with taurine, are full of various artificial colors, flavours and preservatives with complicated names❗️

We took consumers’ expectations into account and developed an innovative BEEBAD Energy Drink which contains natural ingredients that have been consumed by mankind for centuries🌿 The hallmark of the BEEBAD logo is the “Bee” – their wellbeing and health affects the entire existence of the humanity! Our mission is to take care of bees and ensure sustainable beekeeping by contributing to beekeeping communities around the world – thus, for us it is not just „another marketing project“ – we act for the better health of the bees and people🐝

I am convinced that millions of your customers will be grateful when they get trendy, healthy and tasty BEEBAD from your assortment, followed by additional value for your business👍

PS! In addition, we provide comprehensive „Beekeeping Projects“ – goal is to give relevant know-how to Partner, so that they can independently run sustainable beekeeping business. Project includes needed production units (from beehives factory up to beekeeping school and housing complex for workers if needed) that assure the entire supply chain and generate hundreds of workplaces. More importantly – we are happy to buy produced honey and sell it across the globe via our existing sales channels!

Will be happy to hear your feedback and wishes for next steps towards long-lasting partnership…Lets take care of bees and people in cooperation🤝

inri@beebad.com e-Commerce, Logistics, Other India, Jaapan, Lõuna-Aafrika Vabariik, Vietnam, Singapur
BioCC OÜ BioCC develops useful lactic acid bacterium for human and agricultural consumption. It carries out internationally recognized R&D to create, develop and implement innovative biotechnological solutions for feed, food supplements, integrating its and international knowledge in the field of microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, food technology, metabolomics, genomics, physiology, and medicine. justin.hein@biocc.ee Agriculture, Biotech, Food Industry, Healthcare and medicine Jaapan, Malaisia, Singapur, Lõuna-Korea, Vietnam
Alfred & Partners OÜ developing Estelon high-end loudspeakers info@estelon.com Electronics Hiina, Jaapan, Lõuna-Korea, Araabia Ühendemiraadid, Vietnam
SKYCORP SKYCORP is producing hydrogen based next generation long endurance Smart Drones. Operating in sectors ranging from Smart City to Search & Rescue and other emergency services with the goal to integrate and deploy hydrogen technologies to overcome the limitations associated with standard battery based solutions and open up the doors to Intelligent Productivity and full autonomy. marek.alliksoo@sky-corp.eu Agriculture, Construction, Defence industry, Electronics, Gov-tech, Logistics, Marine, Smart City, Startup, Telecommunications, Machinery Singapur, Lõuna-Korea, Suurbritannia, Ameerika Ühendriigid, Vietnam
Proud Engineers Proud Engineers is an Estonian private company gathering the people who have shaped the Estonian digital transformation. We help governments and large corporations solve complicated transformation challenges to build inspiring digital futures. The team has international experience working with governments in countries at different levels of development on all aspects of ICT and digital development. florian.marcus@proudengineers.com Healthcare and medicine, IT, Smart City, Startup, Telecommunications Andorra, Argentina, Austraalia, Austria, Barbados, Boliivia, Brasiilia, Bulgaaria, Tšiili, Horvaatia, Tšehhi Vabariik, Dominica, Fidži, Prantsusmaa, Georgia, Kreeka, Grenada, Ungari, India, Indoneesia, Itaalia, Kasahstan, Kõrgõzstan, Malaisia, Mehhiko, Uus-Kaledoonia, Uus-Meremaa, Omaan, Paapua Uus-Guinea, Peruu, Filipiinid, Poola, Portugal, Katar, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent ja Grenadiinid, Samoa, Saudi Araabia, Serbia, Singapur, Slovakkia, Sloveenia, Saalomoni Saared, Hispaania, Sri Lanka, Tai, Tonga, Türgi, Türkmenistan, Ukraina, Araabia Ühendemiraadid, Suurbritannia, Usbekistan, Vanuatu, Vietnam
Cybernetica AS Cybernetica offers innovative and globally competitive mission critical e-governance, information security, communication and surveillance systems. The main competitive edge of Cybernetica is its internationally evaluated and renowned state-of-the art research and development activities. info@cyber.ee Electronics, IT, Marine, Telecommunications, Ship building Indoneesia, Vietnam
GoSwift The GoSwift Queue Management Service is committed to facilitate international trade by using virtual queuing of vehicles at land border crossings. GoSwift operates in 3 countries – Ukraine, Lithuania and Estonia, at 9 border crossing points, using a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. Several other countries have showed their interest to the border queue service. GoSwift service allows vehicles to pre-book time slots for crossing the borders via the web, a call centre and self-service terminals at designated waiting areas. In 2013, GoSwift was nominated as one of the best e-services in the world, by World Summit Award, contest to select and promote of best practices in digital innovation with local relevance, content depth and user value from all UN member states. In 2015, GoSwift won the OECD’s International Transport Forum “Transport Achievement Award” for its outstanding results in solving border crossing transport issues resulting in growth of tourism and trade. madis.sassiad@goswift.eu e-governance, IT, Logistics Araabia Ühendemiraadid, Botswana, Bulgaaria, Filipiinid, Iirimaa, Indoneesia, Jaapan, Kasahstan, Keenia, Läti, Leedu, Lõuna-Aafrika Vabariik, Malaisia, Moldova, Mosambiik, Namiibia, Rumeenia, Saksamaa, Sambia, Saudi Araabia, Singapur, Slovakkia, Soome, Suurbritannia, Tai, Türgi, Ukraina, Ungari, Vietnam
RaulWalter RaulWalter is one of the key players for the Estonian e-state with more than 10 years of experience on providing trust services, identity management solutions, security in electronic environments, integration between governmental and private data sources, etc. We have completed projects for both public and private sector in Estonia and also abroad and therefore very well acquainted with every component of the concept of e-state starting from smart card chips to end user software; systems integration, policy and legal framework creation processes. RaulWalter can run the full country digitalisation process without embedding vendor locks or back doors. In everything we do, we do our best to follow the Kerckhoffs’s principle. info@raulwalter.com IT Tšehhi Vabariik, Indoneesia, Läti, Malaisia, Filipiinid, Rwanda, Vietnam
Admiral Markets AS Admiral Markets is a global company whose regulated subsidiaries – one of which is listed on the Nasdaq Baltic Exchange – offers web-based trading services in the over-the-counter market as well as listed instruments incl. stocks, indices, precious metals and energies. Since its foundation in 2001, Admiral Markets has continually expanded its reach and today has a staff of over 200, located in 16 offices worldwide, making it a truly global organization. sergei.bogatenkov@admiralmarkets.com All, Finance, Fintech, IT, Other, Startup, Telecommunications Indoneesia, Jaapan, Jordaania, Keenia, Liibanon, Uganda, Ameerika Ühendriigid, Vietnam
Farmi Dairy Ltd Farmi Dairy together with its daughter company Tere Dairy AS, is the leading dairy in Estonia. Having market share above 40% in domestic market, the company is agressively opening new export markets as the main source for sustainable growth. Our exports consist of fresh dairy products as well as of commodity products, the latter being exported to 20 countries around the globe currently. In Asia, Vietnam with its market size and its lack of availability of the domestic dairy products is one of the key markets for us, with huge potential and enabling to export the high quality commodity products to the growing nation there. piim@farmi.eekatre.kovasktere.eu Food Industry Indoneesia, Vietnam
PW Partners OU Export of Estonian products. Vietnam – HCMC   Food Industry, Wood Industry, Drinks Industry Indoneesia, Vietnam
Haage Joogid OÜ   xenia.joost@haage.ee Drinks Industry Hiina, Indoneesia, Jaapan, Araabia Ühendemiraadid, Vietnam