Title Description Sector
Projekt Kuubis Kuubis is a multi-cultural team of architects and engineers who all have global experience. We are appraised public space creators and experts in the field of innovative educational buildings for digi-natives. We are also environmentally conscious and our passion is to find impactful solutions for the whole life-cycle of buildings using among other things the benefits of innovative technology. Our competences: Architecture Interior design Urban design/master planning Structural engineering Building Information Modelling (BIM) Project management and supervision Consultation and expert assessment Construction
GTS Group OÜ   Logistics, e-Commerce
Boomerang Distribution OU eCommerce logistics and fulfillment services IT, Logistics, e-Commerce
FoodDocs FoodDocs’ solution enables food suppliers to create and manage their mandatory food safety related processes and documentation in digitalized way quickly and easily, providing transparency through the whole supply chain. IT
The Negotiating Man OÜ Negotiation trainings All
Mittetulundusühing North Star AI North Star AI is a nonprofit with a mission to solve AI talent shortage in the region and introduce in-depth discussions about the advancements in AI technologies. IT
Lahhentagge OÜ Lahhentagge drinks come from the island of Saaremaa – a land where the summers are warm and the winters are dark. Lahhentagge’s Ösel Dry Gin has won a number of international and local awards. Food and beverages
Logistika ja Transiidi Assotsiatsioon The Mission of the Estonian Logistics and Transit Association is to ensure the stability and sustainable development of the international logistics and transit chain passing through Estonia. The main objectives and responsibilities of the Association are as follows: Active involvement in the development of the vision, strategies and action plans relating to the international trade passing through Estonia; Representation of the joint interests of the members in liaising with the bodies of state and local authorities and other organisations; Participation in the projects promoting the joint interests of the members; Active involvement in the drafting of legislative acts pertaining to the development of the politics of Estonian logistics and transit, infrastructure of harbours and railways as well as the passenger carriage; Active participation in the development of the logistics of trade and passenger flows, in the enhancement of competitiveness of the Estonian transit corridor, and in the engagement of new trade flows and foreign investments; Organisation of co-operation with other participants in the logistics chain as well as the partnership with peer organisations on international level; Logistics
Pohla & Hallmägi Providing proffessional legal services in commerical and corporate issues Telecommunications, Other
RASMAN OÜ RASMAN Group is active in maritime industry, providing quality ship repair and building services, include renewable energy solutions which is established in 2007. by maritime professional Rasmus Hirtentreu. Startup, Logistics, Smart City, e-Commerce, Marine
AB TEMPT   Wood and wooden houses, Smart City, Construction
Eesti Puitmajaliit   Wood and wooden houses, Construction
Haage Joogid OÜ   Food and beverages