Title Description Sector
Helmes Helmes is the 2nd largest IT company in Estonia with 750 employees and 40 million revenue. For over 28 years in business Helmes has provided custom software development services to more than 500 organizations. Our clients are the leading telecom operators, banks, insurance companies, logistics corporations, healthcare providers and government institutions. Helmes has more than 15 years of experience in developing e-governance solutions for the Government of Estonia. Our specialization: – Custom software solutions and software consulting – Enterprise system integration, incl. IOT – Business consulting and digital transformation – Data-driven and real-time economy solutions – Tailor-made machine learning implementation IT, Telecommunications, Logistics, Healthcare and medicine, Smart City, e-Commerce, Gov-tech
Advanced Sports Installations Europe Synthetic turf handling company that provides all services to build, renovate and recycle. Our uniqueness is ability to remove, sort and clean all components with mobile machinery to have waste free circularity for materials and lowest carbon footprint as materials are not transported but recycling happens on site or at closest recycling center. Also, offering financing instrument, our 5G rental concept allows sports clubs and local authorities to build sports fields similarly to leasing cars. We are looking for new partners to distribute services but as well as investors to invest in a new leasing service with a high growth potential, into project where clients have solid and long cash flow. Startup, Finance, Smart City, Agriculture, Plastic industry, Construction
Bikeep OÜ Bikeep is the leading smart commercial bike parking provider in the world. We solve big infrastructure problems with tailored micromobility solutions for municipalities, transit companies, commercial and residential properties. IT, Electronics, Logistics, Smart City, Gov-tech
Optimist Digital OÜ Optimist Digital is a digital product agency located in Tallinn, Estonia. We focus on UI/UX design and software development. The team consists of creative, experienced and tech-savvy people who have a passion for creating high quality products. Our mission is to boost our client’s businesses through carefully planned and well built solutions. IT, Startup, Logistics, Smart City, e-Commerce
Bidrent OÜ Bidrento aims to reinvent the renting process and make it much more affordable for the tenants. Our automated platform uses machine learning and AI to replace the agents and make renting an apartment cheaper for tenants. With our whole solution, landlords won´t even have to advertise in the future to find a new tenant, technology does it all. Startup, Smart City, e-Commerce
ARC SMR OÜ Ship Repair, machinery diagnostics Machinery and metal industry, Marine
Blueglass Interactive OÜ We create user-friendly, state-of-the-art self-services, e-shops and other convenient customer-system solutions aimed for results. Our goal at IT development is always to simplify processes and create value for the customer. IT, Telecommunications, Startup, Logistics, Healthcare and medicine, e-Commerce, Fintech, Other
RD Electronic AS EMS service provider, manufacturer of medical electronics Electronics
Interconnect Product Assembly AS Interconnect Product Assembly AS is an independent, privately owned company specializing in the production of electro-mechanical solutions, from simple cable harnesses to complex fully functional assemblies. The range of services we provide include design, prototyping, serial production, supply chain management and hub sourcing solutions. Electronics, Machinery and metal industry, Marine, Defence industry
TULITEC OÜ BIM (building information management) services. We support AEC industry with implementing special IT solutions. IT, Smart City, Construction
bnt attorneys in CEE bnt is an international law firm in 10 central European countries. We offer clients targeted legal advice from a single source for both local and cross-border assignments. Our main focus both internationally and in Estonia is on clients from German-speaking countries. Other
Nortal GmbH   IT
Gofore Estonia OÜ   IT, Gov-tech
AS Merko Ehitus Eesti   Smart City, Construction
Sifr OÜ   IT, Startup, Smart City, Defence industry
EAS – e-Estonia Briefing Centre   All
Frozen Kingdom Design, Game & Software Development IT, Startup, Healthcare and medicine, Smart City, e-Commerce, Biotech
Nortal AS Nortal is a multinational strategic change and technology company. Combining the unique experience of transforming Estonia into a digital leader and creating change in businesses with a strategic approach and data-driven technology, our vision is to build a seamless society. Nortal is present in 10 countries and employs over 800 specialists who carry out high-impact projects across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and North America. IT, Telecommunications, Healthcare and medicine, Smart City
Naturewear OÜ The new Estonian footwear brand KIRA has achieved something unimaginable: the world’s first zero-waste ballet flats made from innovative recycled materials in Tartu, Estonia. Like a beautiful Nordic woman, KIRA exudes minimalism, elegance and above all: timelessness. She glides through the untouched bogs and forests with love and grace leaving behind no trace. KIRA doesn’t need much but she yearns for quality. KIRA doesn’t need anything new but a masterful rebirth of the existing. The story of KIRA doesn’t just end with the shoes. Designers take back the worn shoes back again, recycle them once more and donate the new pair to a young woman in need. If the shoes cannot be fixed, they are converted into energy. Startup, e-Commerce
Hansa Työvoima OÜ   Electronics, Machinery and metal industry, Wood and wooden houses, Agriculture, Plastic industry, Marine
Must Küüslauk OÜ   Food and beverages, Organic
Pizzakiosk Oü Estonian Franchise Chain “PIZZAKIOSK” with 28 outlets in Estonia and looking for a master franchise partner in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Poland. Food and beverages
Kaanon Tallinn OÜ Active in real estate world of selling, buying and renting. Other
Vestmint Pro OÜ Vestmint is an experienced advertising agency that is highly valued by its customers for offering comprehensive, well-planned and effective solutions. We will perform a strategic analysis of your business and propose innovative solutions that are guaranteed to add value to your product. e-Commerce, Other
Stellar Film OÜ Stellar Film was started by prolific producer Evelin Penttilä in 2015. We are focusing on producing feature films by talented Estonian film makers as well as providing high-quality production services for international films & TV series in Estonia. We have used FilmEstonia cash rebate measure to collaborate with Nordic films, such as MARIA’S PARADISE (2019) by Zaida Bergroth and HELENE (2020) by Antti J. Jokinen. Currently we are in production with CHRISTMAS IN JUNGLE with Locomotive Productions and preparing the production of THE SLEEPING BEAST by Jaak Kilmi. Stellar is member of Estonian Film Industry Cluster and founding member of Tallinn Film Wonderland soundstage development. Other
Singleton Group OÜ Singleton is an Estonian based digital product development agency building cutting-edge web applications & native apps. Focusing on online platforms from industries like fintech, smart mobility and HR, we have helped to roll out many new products in Europe & Asia. Singleton is following a simple narrative: software is about making machines work for humans. Our culture values learning each and every step. We are not afraid to challenge ourselves which often requires going an extra mile. We don’t just write quality code, we also make sure our partners have their product development done right – we help to shape the idea to a scalable product. Some of our success stories include companies like Bayer, Elisa, Telia, Navirec, Ridango and many others. IT, Smart City, Fintech
AS Rake Development and manufacturing of façade systems Construction
Palmako AS   Wood and wooden houses
BaltCap Growth Fund Private equity investor providing growth capital and actively contributing to the expansion strategy and execution of the portfolio companies. IT, Telecommunications, Electronics, Food and beverages, Machinery and metal industry, Finance, Wood and wooden houses, e-Commerce, Furniture, Plastic industry, Organic, Fintech
Estonian Malt OÜ Estonian Malt is a leading malt producer in Baltic countries. The company has more than 23 years of experience supplying the biggest bread bakeries in the Baltic countries and many other EU bakeries. Today they are amongst the leaders in the industry and the company continues developing. Food and beverages, Organic
Akkadian OÜ   Startup, Fintech
Levira AS   IT, Telecommunications, Other
Flowit Estonia   IT, Logistics
FoodDocs FoodDocs’ solution enables food suppliers to create and manage their mandatory food safety related processes and documentation in digitalized way quickly and easily, providing transparency through the whole supply chain. IT
Lahemaa Mesi OÜ   Food and beverages, Agriculture
GoSwift The GoSwift Queue Management Service is committed to facilitate international trade by using virtual queuing of vehicles at land border crossings. GoSwift operates in 4 countries – Finland, Russia, Lithuania and Estonia, at 9 border crossing points, using a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. Several other countries have showed their interest to the border queue service. GoSwift service allows vehicles to pre-book time slots for crossing the borders via the web, a call centre and self-service terminals at designated waiting areas. In 2013, GoSwift was nominated as one of the best e-services in the world, by World Summit Award, contest to select and promote of best practices in digital innovation with local relevance, content depth and user value from all UN member states. In 2015, GoSwift won the OECD’s International Transport Forum “Transport Achievement Award” for its outstanding results in solving border crossing transport issues resulting in growth of tourism and trade. IT, Startup, Logistics, Smart City, Gov-tech
Soon Collab OÜ Showroom management, design, event management, marketing services. Startup, Smart City, e-Commerce, Furniture, Organic, Other
MindTitan OÜ   IT
Greencube OÜ   Wood and wooden houses
IDR INKASSO AGENTUUR OÜ Financial and legal services IT, Startup, Finance, e-Commerce, Other
CGI Eesti AS   IT, Telecommunications, Smart City, e-Commerce, Defence industry, Fintech
Thorgate Digital Thorgate is a digital product development agency with offices in Tallinn, Oslo & London. We build more complex web and mobile applications (digital products) focusing on the following industries: Industry 4.0, Health tech, eCommerce, Fintech & Forestry. IT, Startup, Healthcare and medicine, Smart City, e-Commerce
Lahhentagge OÜ Lahhentagge drinks come from the island of Saaremaa – a land where the summers are warm and the winters are dark. Lahhentagge’s Ösel Dry Gin has won a number of international and local awards. Food and beverages
Logistika ja Transiidi Assotsiatsioon The Mission of the Estonian Logistics and Transit Association is to ensure the stability and sustainable development of the international logistics and transit chain passing through Estonia. The main objectives and responsibilities of the Association are as follows: Active involvement in the development of the vision, strategies and action plans relating to the international trade passing through Estonia; Representation of the joint interests of the members in liaising with the bodies of state and local authorities and other organisations; Participation in the projects promoting the joint interests of the members; Active involvement in the drafting of legislative acts pertaining to the development of the politics of Estonian logistics and transit, infrastructure of harbours and railways as well as the passenger carriage; Active participation in the development of the logistics of trade and passenger flows, in the enhancement of competitiveness of the Estonian transit corridor, and in the engagement of new trade flows and foreign investments; Organisation of co-operation with other participants in the logistics chain as well as the partnership with peer organisations on international level; Logistics
AS Helmes   IT
Biofire OÜ Biofire is the first Baltic company who is specialized to produce and develop innovative fire gel masses. Our product line includes a wide range of fire lighting gels for ordinary users (BBQ, ovens, fireplaces), chafing fuels and specialized gels for hiking. We produce special gels and solutions for military area! Startup, Food and beverages, Plastic industry, Organic, Defence industry, Biotech
DefSecIntel Solutions OÜ   IT, Smart City, Defence industry, All, Gov-tech
Vindor OÜ Vindor is producer of primed and / or white painted wooden Door frames, Interior products and outdoor products. Wood and wooden houses
Hartman Scandic OÜ   Agriculture, Construction, Organic, Other
Indoor.ninja OÜ Innovative secure mobile access services in smart city and proptech business verticals. We got very positive feedback from Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress 2018, where we participated within the EAS booth. Strong interest to our solution was from Arab Emirates. IT, Smart City, Construction
Nord Homes OÜ Prefab timber frame home designer and builder. Wood and wooden houses
Hansa24 Group OÜ   Wood and wooden houses, e-Commerce
Inseneribüroo Pluss.ee Structural design engineering consultancy Wood and wooden houses
CybExer Technologies OÜ CybExer Technologies is an Estonian cyber security company specialising on cyber capabilities development with the focus on cyber hygiene, cyber trainings and exercises. CybExer’s international experience expands from Europe to North America, Latin America, South-East Asia and the Gulf region. For the latest threat picture and training experience, CybExer has developed several state-of-the-art prioprietary software tools with a high degree of sophistication. For example, CybExer tools provide the backbone for the gamenet deployment of the world’s largest and most comprehensive live fire cyber defence exercise, Locked Shields organised annually by the NATO Cyber Centre of Excellence in Tallinn, Estonia. Cyber Hygiene digital learning platform https://cybexer.com/cyber-hygiene-e-learning-course/ was launched together with the Estonian State Information Authority in spring 2017. It is meant for government institutions providing the risk profiles at the user, organization and state level. This allows more precise risk management with attention devoted to specific weaknesses. Cyber Ranges and Technical Exercises https://cybexer.com/isa/ offer world-class solutions developed over years and are based on experiences gained from large multinational cyber exercises. CybExer Technologies has a developed a set of automation and visualization software solutions that enable extremely large volume exercises, making cyber exercises more accessible, scalable and at the same time allowing more sophisticated training experience. Strategic Cyber Security Exercises target governments and enterprises at policy maker/senior executive level. Cyber security is not a technical problem – we must not ignore the importance of effective decision-making in cyber defence. We need to train strategic level decision-makers and provide them with an experience of having to solve a major cyber crisis in their country or in their company. Key analytical questions that leaders need to ask fall into four categories: timeline, transparency, authority and cooperation. IT, Defence industry
Icefire OÜ Icefire designs and builds transformative technologies for banks and fintech companies. We simplify and automate complicated processes, replacing tedium with meaningful work fit for humans. IT, Telecommunications, Finance, e-Commerce, Fintech