Title Description Agreed on notifications
AS Rake Development and manufacturing of façade systems Taani, Saksamaa, Norra, Rootsi, Suurbritannia
BaltCap Growth Fund Private equity investor providing growth capital and actively contributing to the expansion strategy and execution of the portfolio companies. Taani, Saksamaa, Jaapan, Rootsi, Ameerika Ühendriigid
Soon Collab OÜ Showroom management, design, event management, marketing services. Taani, Soome, Saksamaa, Rootsi, Suurbritannia
Lahhentagge OÜ Lahhentagge drinks come from the island of Saaremaa – a land where the summers are warm and the winters are dark. Lahhentagge’s Ösel Dry Gin has won a number of international and local awards. Hiina, Taani, Soome, Saksamaa, Rootsi
Hartman Scandic OÜ   Taani, Saksamaa, Norra, Suurbritannia
Top Marine OÜ Floating Marina Constructions Horvaatia, Taani, Norra, Madalmaad