Title Description Sector
AS Rake Development and manufacturing of façade systems Construction
Tritech OÜ We are mechanical engineering and manufacturing company. We invent and build custom machinery, devices and details for various industries. Our machines can ease production processes as we generate solutions up to special needs. We have done for example: grabber arms for robots, automated assembly machines, cable prefeeder. Machinery and metal industry
Flowit Estonia   IT
NOPE OÜ Digital design and consultations Other
Greencube OÜ   Wood and wooden houses
IDR INKASSO AGENTUUR OÜ Financial and legal services IT, Startup, Finance, e-Commerce, Other
Thorgate Digital Thorgate is a digital product development agency with offices in Tallinn, Oslo & London. We build more complex web and mobile applications (digital products) focusing on the following industries: Industry 4.0, Health tech, eCommerce, Fintech & Forestry. IT, Startup, Healthcare and medicine, Smart City, e-Commerce
AS Helmes   IT, Telecommunications, Logistics, Machinery and metal industry, Finance, Healthcare and medicine, e-Commerce, Agriculture
Biofire OÜ Biofire is the first Baltic company who is specialized to produce and develop innovative fire gel masses. Our product line includes a wide range of fire lighting gels for ordinary users (BBQ, ovens, fireplaces), chafing fuels and specialized gels for hiking. We produce special gels and solutions for military area! Startup, Food and beverages, Plastic industry, Organic, Defence industry, Biotech
Pohla & Hallmägi Providing proffessional legal services in commerical and corporate issues Telecommunications, Other
Hartman Scandic OÜ   Agriculture, Construction, Organic, Other
Nord Homes OÜ Prefab timber frame home designer and builder. Wood and wooden houses
Timbeco Woodmill OÜ Our main expertise is producing small and medium size log cabins for export markets overseas. Each year we manufacture and ship out 100-120 containers of log house kits to Japan. The system is well established with a total of 1650 containers delivered. Wood and wooden houses
AB TEMPT   Wood and wooden houses, Smart City, Construction
Inseneribüroo Pluss.ee Structural design engineering consultancy Wood and wooden houses
Top Marine OÜ Floating Marina Constructions Wood and wooden houses, Construction, Marine
Roofit Solar Energy We have deloped innovative solar panels fir roofs and facades. Roofit.solar modules are building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) construction elements that replace the conventional roofing and facade materials. Electricity is produced in a thin photovoltaic layer that covers the metal sheet. The series connection of modules is made under the roof sheeting between the battens. The installation is as easy as the installation of standard standing seam metal roof. Smart City, Construction