Title Description URL Registry code Web Email Address Foundation year Sector Agreed on notifications
AS Merko Ehitus Eesti   https://visiidid.ee/company/as-merko-ehitus-eesti/ 12203636 https://merko.ee/en/ merko@merko.ee Järvevana tee 9g, 11314 Tallinn, Estonia   Smart City, Construction Taani, Soome, Saksamaa, Rootsi, Suurbritannia
Sifr OÜ   https://visiidid.ee/company/sifr-ou/ 14361109   karen.burns@sifr.ai Erika tn 14 Põhja-Tallinna linnaosa, Tallinn Harju maakond 10416   IT Soome, Saksamaa, Araabia Ühendemiraadid, Suurbritannia, Ameerika Ühendriigid
EAS – e-Estonia Briefing Centre   https://visiidid.ee/company/eas-e-estonia-briefing-centre/ 90006006   anna.oberg@eas.ee Wallingatan 32   All Soome, Saksamaa, Rootsi, Suurbritannia, Ameerika Ühendriigid
MP CANNED FOOD LIMITED Importing canned food (meat products and ready meals) and BBQ Ribs from Estonia to the United Kingdom. https://visiidid.ee/company/mp-canned-food-limited/ 10842753 https://mpcannedfood.weebly.com martin@mpcannedfood.co.uk 12 Carlisle Street 2012 Startup, Food and beverages Suurbritannia
Naturewear OÜ The new Estonian footwear brand KIRA has achieved something unimaginable: the world’s first zero-waste ballet flats made from innovative recycled materials in Tartu, Estonia. Like a beautiful Nordic woman, KIRA exudes minimalism, elegance and above all: timelessness. She glides through the untouched bogs and forests with love and grace leaving behind no trace. KIRA doesn’t need much but she yearns for quality. KIRA doesn’t need anything new but a masterful rebirth of the existing. The story of KIRA doesn’t just end with the shoes. Designers take back the worn shoes back again, recycle them once more and donate the new pair to a young woman in need. If the shoes cannot be fixed, they are converted into energy. https://visiidid.ee/company/naturewear-ou/ 14692183   sales@kirashoes.com Tina tn 16-31, Tallinn, 10126   Startup, e-Commerce Saksamaa, Jaapan, Hispaania, Suurbritannia
TaruMaja Concept OÜ Manufacturer of small-sized multi functional wooden cabins. https://visiidid.ee/company/tarumaja-concept-ou/ 14490404   hannes@tarumaja.ee Viru väljak 2 IIIk Tallinn 10111 2018 Wood and wooden houses, Construction Austria, Jaapan, Norra, Suurbritannia
Dreality OÜ Dreality on personaalne ilusalong, mis pakub oma külastajale võimalust nautida täielikku privaatsust ning unustada hetkeks argipäeva mured. Ilusalongi teeb eriliseks just see, et meie kliendil on võimalus salongis viibida täpselt nii kaua, kui soovi on – kas või terve öö! Iluteenindajad tulevad koha peale ning viivad protseduurid läbi ilma, et kliendil oleks tarvis kuhugi liikuda. Ilusalongis valib külastaja meie iluteenuste nimekirjast endale sobilikud teenused, mille teevad koha peal professionaalsed iluteenindajad. Ööbimiskohaks on Tallinna kesklinnas saunaga varustatud kõigi mugavustega privaatne salong, et pakkuda võimalust inimesel pühenduda iseenda vaimsele tervisele ning teha kehale kui meelele absoluutne taassünd. Dreams (unistused) + reality (reaalsus) annavad kokku Dreality sõna, millest tulenevalt on meie tiimi eesmärgiks muuta nii eestvedajate enda, kui klientide südamesoovid reaalsuseks. https://visiidid.ee/company/dreality-ou/ 14653579   byastallinnturku@gmail.com Gonsiori 28-3 2019 Other Soome, Venemaa Föderatsioon, Suurbritannia, Ameerika Ühendriigid
Kaanon Tallinn OÜ Active in real estate world of selling, buying and renting. https://visiidid.ee/company/kaanon-tallinn-ou/ 14326998   priit@kaanon.ee Endla 6-4   Other Soome, Saksamaa, Norra, Rootsi, Suurbritannia
Vestmint Pro OÜ Vestmint is an experienced advertising agency that is highly valued by its customers for offering comprehensive, well-planned and effective solutions. We will perform a strategic analysis of your business and propose innovative solutions that are guaranteed to add value to your product. https://visiidid.ee/company/vestminr-pro-ou/ 12654681   info@vestmint.ee Kompanii 1C, 51004 Tartu 2014 e-Commerce, Other Soome, Saksamaa, Norra, Rootsi, Suurbritannia
Sokisahtel   https://visiidid.ee/company/sokisahtel/ 11894845   pirer.ilver@gmail.com Parnu mnt 146, tallinn 2010 e-Commerce Jaapan, Suurbritannia, Ameerika Ühendriigid
Stellar Film OÜ Stellar Film was started by prolific producer Evelin Penttilä in 2015. We are focusing on producing feature films by talented Estonian film makers as well as providing high-quality production services for international films & TV series in Estonia. We have used FilmEstonia cash rebate measure to collaborate with Nordic films, such as MARIA’S PARADISE (2019) by Zaida Bergroth and HELENE (2020) by Antti J. Jokinen. Currently we are in production with CHRISTMAS IN JUNGLE with Locomotive Productions and preparing the production of THE SLEEPING BEAST by Jaak Kilmi. Stellar is member of Estonian Film Industry Cluster and founding member of Tallinn Film Wonderland soundstage development. https://visiidid.ee/company/stellar-film-ou/ 12818444   stellar@stellar.ee Rävala 11-7, Tallinn 2015 Other Prantsusmaa, Saksamaa, Jaapan, Suurbritannia, Ameerika Ühendriigid
Advokaadibüroo Magnusson   https://visiidid.ee/company/advokaadiburoo-magnusson/ 12543378   tallinn@magnussonlaw.com Maakri 19/1, Tallinn 10145 2013 All Hiina, Soome, Rootsi, Suurbritannia
Singleton Group OÜ Singleton is an Estonian based digital product development agency building cutting-edge web applications & native apps. Focusing on online platforms from industries like fintech, smart mobility and HR, we have helped to roll out many new products in Europe & Asia. Singleton is following a simple narrative: software is about making machines work for humans. Our culture values learning each and every step. We are not afraid to challenge ourselves which often requires going an extra mile. We don’t just write quality code, we also make sure our partners have their product development done right – we help to shape the idea to a scalable product. Some of our success stories include companies like Bayer, Elisa, Telia, Navirec, Ridango and many others. https://visiidid.ee/company/singleton-group-ou/ 12940843   hi@singleton.ee Ülikooli 5, Tartu 2015 IT, Smart City, Fintech Soome, Saksamaa, Šveits, Suurbritannia
AS Rake Development and manufacturing of façade systems https://visiidid.ee/company/as-rake/ 10035710   info@rake.ee Tammsaare tee 47 1988 Construction Taani, Saksamaa, Norra, Rootsi, Suurbritannia
Projekt Kuubis Kuubis is a multi-cultural team of architects and engineers who all have global experience. We are appraised public space creators and experts in the field of innovative educational buildings for digi-natives. We are also environmentally conscious and our passion is to find impactful solutions for the whole life-cycle of buildings using among other things the benefits of innovative technology. Our competences: Architecture Interior design Urban design/master planning Structural engineering Building Information Modelling (BIM) Project management and supervision Consultation and expert assessment https://visiidid.ee/company/projekt-kuubis/ 11051176   kuubis@kuubis.ee Tatari 25 2004 Construction Hiina, Araabia Ühendemiraadid, Suurbritannia
Akkadian OÜ   https://visiidid.ee/company/akkadian-ou/ 12927009   paul@akkadian.eu     Startup, Fintech Saksamaa, Suurbritannia, Ameerika Ühendriigid
FoodDocs FoodDocs’ solution enables food suppliers to create and manage their mandatory food safety related processes and documentation in digitalized way quickly and easily, providing transparency through the whole supply chain. https://visiidid.ee/company/fooddocs/ 14177340 http:// katrin@fooddocs.eu Pärnu mnt 12, Tallinn 2017 IT Hiina, Saksamaa, Jaapan, Suurbritannia, Ameerika Ühendriigid
Soon Collab OÜ Showroom management, design, event management, marketing services. https://visiidid.ee/company/soon-collab-ou/ 14575678 http:// sooncollab@gmail.com Aida 90 2018 Startup, Smart City, e-Commerce, Furniture, Organic, Other Taani, Soome, Saksamaa, Rootsi, Suurbritannia
MindTitan OÜ   https://visiidid.ee/company/mindtitan-ou/ 14131800 http:// team@mindtitan.com Võru tn 154b Tartu, Tartu Tartumaa 50111   IT Soome, Saksamaa, Araabia Ühendemiraadid, Suurbritannia, Ameerika Ühendriigid
IDR INKASSO AGENTUUR OÜ Financial and legal services https://visiidid.ee/company/idr-inkasso-agentuur-ou/ 11922079 http:// idr@idr.ee Erika 14   IT, Startup, Finance, e-Commerce, Other Prantsusmaa, Saksamaa, Norra, Hispaania, Suurbritannia
EstateGuru EstateGuru on Mandri-Euroopa suurim online ühisrahastuskeskkond lühiajalistele tagatud kinnisvaralaenudele. https://visiidid.ee/company/estateguru/ 12558919 http:// info@estateguru.co     Finance, e-Commerce, Fintech Soome, Hispaania, Madalmaad, Suurbritannia
CGI Eesti AS   https://visiidid.ee/company/cgi-eesti-as/ 10006966 http:// karen.burns@cgi.com     IT, Telecommunications, Smart City, e-Commerce, Defence industry, Fintech Soome, Saksamaa, Rootsi, Suurbritannia
Thorgate Digital Thorgate is a digital product development agency with offices in Tallinn, Oslo & London. We build more complex web and mobile applications (digital products) focusing on the following industries: Industry 4.0, Health tech, eCommerce, Fintech & Forestry. https://visiidid.ee/company/thorgate-digital/ 14376128 http:// tallinn@thorgate.eu Mäealuse 2/1 2011 IT, Startup, Healthcare and medicine, Smart City, e-Commerce Saksamaa, Norra, Šveits, Suurbritannia, Ameerika Ühendriigid
MRPeasy MRPeasy is a cloud-based, affordable and user-friendly, self-service production planning software for small manufacturers (10-200 employees). https://visiidid.ee/company/mrpeasy/ 12617332 http:// hello@mrpeasy.com Ahtri tn 12, 10151, Tallinn, Harju maakond   Startup, Food and beverages, Machinery and metal industry, Plastic industry, Biotech Kanada, Iisrael, Suurbritannia, Ameerika Ühendriigid
Pohla & Hallmägi Providing proffessional legal services in commerical and corporate issues https://visiidid.ee/company/pohla-hallmagi/ 10139182 http:// j.ploom@phlaw.ee Kentmanni 4, Tallinn 1997 Telecommunications, Other Hiina, Norra, Venemaa Föderatsioon, Rootsi, Suurbritannia
Hartman Scandic OÜ   https://visiidid.ee/company/hartman-scandic-ou/ 14565504 http:// hartman.scandic@gmail.com Raudtee 52-4, Tartu 2018 Agriculture, Construction, Organic, Other Taani, Saksamaa, Norra, Singapur, Suurbritannia
Nordic Esthetic Group OÜ   https://visiidid.ee/company/nordic-esthetic-group-ou/ 12630893 http:// liis@nordestgroup.eu   2013 Healthcare and medicine Soome, Jaapan, Rootsi, Suurbritannia
Dez corporation oü Flower delivery, flower workshops, decoration https://visiidid.ee/company/dez-corporation-ou/ 14254069 http:// lilleputka@gmail.com Pae 68-3 2017 Other Austria, Georgia, Suurbritannia
Hansa24 Group OÜ   https://visiidid.ee/company/hansa24-group-ou/ 12829488 http:// info@hansa24.com Purje 8   Wood and wooden houses, e-Commerce Soome, Saksamaa, Hispaania, Rootsi, Suurbritannia
Icefire OÜ Icefire designs and builds transformative technologies for banks and fintech companies. We simplify and automate complicated processes, replacing tedium with meaningful work fit for humans. https://visiidid.ee/company/icefire-ou/ 10885324 http:// info@icefire.ee Pärnu mnt 102C 2002 IT, Finance, Fintech Kanada, Prantsusmaa, Saksamaa, Suurbritannia